Short Thoughts On… Transistor


For the first two hours of Transistor, I was in love. The team at Supergiant Games has built an immensely beautiful game and proven, like they did with Bastion, that a game’s music can be an integral and incredibly important piece of its emotional foundation. Discovering this world for the first time is simply stunning. But after a while, a question started to niggle at me. With increasing boredom, I began to wonder why Transistor needed its combat. There was so much beauty and thought and passion and soul built into this game and absolutely none of that was expressed in the game’s biggest, most prominent mechanics.

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Short Thoughts On… Avengers #35


I’ve been reading trade paperbacks of comics for the last few years, focusing on the most-praised arcs and my personal favorite characters. In April, I got my very first ongoing issue of a comic when Amazing Spider-Man relaunched. Yesterday, I jumped into four other ongoing titles. Based on what characters I like, how big a role each book plays in the larger Marvel Universe, and how good the books are supposed to be, I chose All-New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Thor: God of Thunder, and Avengers.

I like to pace myself whenever I get a bunch of new books at once, so for today I read Avengers #35.

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