Oh Jeez, So Many Articles

So over the last few weeks I’ve done a pretty terrible job about putting up articles here so today is catch-up day. These will be listed from oldest to newest, starting at the top.

Strata Review: Minimalist Trial-and-Error

Strata (Featured Image)

“Instead, each level consists of laying down some ribbons, realizing where you’ve made a mistake, undoing the ribbons to the moment where you made the mistake, fixing it, and relacing the squares again. Every level is the equivalent of lacing your shoes only to get to the top and realize you missed a loop at the bottom.”

Fatherhood in Video Games:
Maintaining the Status Quo or A Small Step Forward?

“The Walking Dead, BioShock Infinite, and The Last of Us set the gaming world on fire because of the strong bond they formed between fathers and daughters. These games didn’t just show the daughters long enough to turn them into revenge motivation but instead made them integral to the story that they were telling. They didn’t use fatherhood as a cheap plot device but as a driving theme for each story.”

Why Nintendo Won E3 in the Eyes of a PC Gamer

“Nintendo isn’t breaking the mold, they’re just inhabiting one that the other companies (and PC developers) aren’t. As Xbox and PlayStation attempt to integrate traditionally PC features (online multiplayer, live streaming, early access, DRM, independent games) into their consoles, Nintendo is going in the opposite direction.”

Super Win the Game Preview: A Genuine 8-Bit Throwback

Super Win the Game Title Screen (Featured Image)

“Super Win the Game looks like its going to be more of the same fun You Have to Win the Game offered. It has the same tight controls and intricate level design as its predecessor while looking to add more items, catchy chiptune music, and a bigger world.”

DROD: The Second Sky Review – Unwelcoming But Fun

DROD - The Second Sky Title (Featured Image)

“It’s too bad DROD: The Second Sky doesn’t have a steadier learning curve for its world or its gameplay because there’s a lot of fun to be had in these mechanics.”

So there’s all the stuff I’ve forgotten to put up over the last few weeks.

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