Women in Video Games: Snow White Raises the Bar in The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us Bigby and Snow

So along with my writing for Leviathyn, I also have a writing internship at a site called BK Nation. The writers there tend to focus on important social, political, and economic issues and, in that vein, my first article was about women in video games. Specifically, Snow White in The Wolf Among Us.

“Snow is forced to confront a difficult issue. Should she enforce the rules and arrest Fables who don’t look human because they can’t afford the necessary spell? Or should she look the other way and risk the secrecy of Fabletown? A strong woman in a position of power — who isn’t the villain — is a rare sight in gaming, particularly when that character confronts difficult and intriguing moral questions.”

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Among the Sleep Review: Stumbling but Not Falling

Among the Sleep Title Card (Featured Image)Two reviews in one week! This one is on Among the Sleep, an intriguing game where you play as a two-year-old baby. It’s flawed but the creators clearly cared about the game and its uniqueness and heart save it.

“Playing as a baby changes how you move through and see the world. The movement is appropriately clunky. Walking is a slow process but it allows you to climb up onto short objects and ledges. You can run but only for a few seconds before you topple over and start crawling. Opening doors requires finding a way to reach the doorknob before having to slowly push it open. Words on boxes and in books are just meaningless gibberish. Everyday objects like staircases and closets become staggeringly huge from a baby’s perspective. Spaces under furniture and in cabinets become natural hiding places. Your mother looks like a giant who easily moves through these places but for a baby each door, room, hallway and staircase can be a challenge.”

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