The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 – In Sheep’s Clothing Review

The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 Bigby and Logo (Featured Image)

The Wolf Among Us… How you torment me. One episode I love you; the next, I want to move on to other games. It’s a tumultuous relationship.

This week for Leviathyn I reviewed the fourth episode of The Wolf Among Us.  After absolutely loving Episode 3, I found this one to be pretty disappointing.

The Wolf Among Us has been inconsistent in a way that neither seasons of The Walking Dead have been. That may be a problem of being a mystery story or perhaps it’s a problem of being limited by being a prequel, but either way The Wolf Among Us is now 50/50 on quality storytelling. I was more lenient on Smoke and Mirrors when it came out because, riding a wave of goodwill from the first episode and Walking Dead Season One, I expected it was a fluke. But now with In Sheep’s Clothing it seems there are larger problems with The Wolf Among Us.”

Click here to read the whole article and you can follow me on Twitter at @cam_wade37 to see me try to play Dark Souls but complain about Games for Windows – Live instead.


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