How Games Screw Up Moral Choices

Mass Effect Paragon and Renegade (Featured Image)

My latest article was inspired by Infamous: Second Son, a game I have yet to play but, from what I’ve seen and read, features moral choices.  Just like its two predecessors, Second Son will have moments where the player has to choose whether to be good or bad, which should impact the narrative, the character, and the gameplay.  So I took it upon myself to explain why moral choices are crap.

“Good and evil morality systems are a bad idea. By their very nature, they’re self-defeating: creating dull simplistic characters, being overly reductive and passing judgment on complex moral issues, and pushing players to forgo their actual preferences and align solely with one side.”

Read more by clicking here and, if you want, you can follow me on Twitter at @cam_wade37 where I rant endlessly about Metal Gear Solid.


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