Our Darker Purpose Review: Difficulty Done Wrong

Our Darker Purpose Title Screen (Featured Image)Another week, another review.  This time it’s the Binding of Isaac clone, Our Darker Purpose.  It’s got a great style and look, and it mixes up Binding of Isaac‘s gameplay enough to make itself interesting, but a major design flaw in the progression and difficulty exacerbates all of its other little flaws.

“With each new playthrough, another problem is revealed, another good element wears out its welcome, and another small design error becomes a big nuisance. Yet these problems wouldn’t be so aggravating if Our Darker Purpose didn’t force players to grind through the game over and over again in order to make progress. Our Darker Purpose wants to be hard. It is, but for the wrong reasons.”

Click here to check it out, and follow me on Twitter to see me being a curmudgeon in far fewer words!


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