An Explanation for My Absence and An Announcement

Leviathyn Logo and Text

Our regularly scheduled Tuesday post was missing last week.  On top of starting classes last Monday, another circumstance arose that has kept me from my usual duties.  As of last Sunday, I am now a writer for the website Leviathyn.  It’s a great site with dedicated writers for each of the three big consoles as well as mobile, entertainment, news, and PC, which is the section I write for.  I’ll be doing reviews, previews, opinions, and all types of articles there.  They’ve recently overhauled their look and style, and hired a bunch of new writers, including me, so check it out.

Anyway, since my duties at Leviathyn require more time from me every week than I previously reserved for this blog, I’ve decided to stop doing a weekly post.  Unique posts for this blog will, from here on out, become more infrequent.  When I do post here it’ll likely be about movies, comics, or books since anything I write gaming-related will be going up on Leviathyn.  I will post links and excerpts here for anything I write at Leviathyn so you can still check out what I’ve been up to.

It’s a great site and I’m very excited for all the opportunities working there allows me.  I hope you’ll stop by.

But without further ado here are the two articles I’ve had published so far:

Stonerid Featured Image without textStonerid Review: Trial-and-Error in Two Dimensions

My first review was on an indie platformer called Stonerid.  It wasn’t a very good game for a myriad of reasons, and hopefully I explained them all without coming off as a jerk.

“From its implementation of the dimension shifting to its cluttered and samey art, Stonerid fails to properly give its players the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed. Every level inevitably devolves into trial-and-error and frustration.”

Steam Desktop Icon (Featured Image)Steam Isn’t Perfect and It’s Important to Know Why

An opinion article about Steam’s shortcomings and why we should all be aware of them.

“But those services and conveniences don’t come without penalty. In PC gaming’s reliance on Steam, we’ve not only given up important rights as consumers, but we’ve affected how game creators do business.”

Hopefully, you’ll check out some of the stuff I put up over at Leviathyn.

Thanks for reading.

– Cam


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