We Need a Game of Thrones Game, and I Know Just Who Can Pull It Off


The Witcher + Game of Thrones

George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones is a bona-fide cultural phenomenon.  The show’s tremendous success has catapulted the continent of Westeros, and its constant fighting and backstabbing, into the cultural mainstream.  So now where’s our video game?

I know, I know.  There are technically two video games bearing the Game of Thrones title: an RTS called A Game of Thrones: Genesis and an RPG simply titled Game of Thrones.  I must admit I haven’t played either of them (although I’ve been tempted to pick up the RPG on numerous occasions) but looking at both fan and critical reactions, neither game was a particularly rousing success.

So why haven’t we gotten the Game of Thrones game we deserve?  Video games seem almost tailor-made for the Game of Thrones world.  Practically every other game made has a medieval fantasy setting, and a game could easily match the length needed to tell Martin’s stories.  Assuming the game is an RPG (I mean, how couldn’t it be?), I guess the major difficulty would be juggling the progression of multiple characters.  Having deep and interesting skill trees for all of your characters would be a near-impossible task considering the size of the Game of Thrones cast.

Without a doubt, trying to make a game to rival the size and scope of the books or the show, would be a massive undertaking for any game developer.  They’d need to handle a dark and mature story where there is no good or evil, only hues of gray.  They’d have to know how to maturely deal with sex and adult relationships.  Since it would most likely be an action-RPG, the developer would have to be able to make swordplay feel appropriately heavy and violent, and have a deep leveling system for players to get invested in.  And maybe the developer could add in dialogue trees and branching story lines to show that, in war, words can be just as important as swords.

Hmm…  Why does all of that sound so familiar?

Oh, right.  Because all of that applies to The Witcher 2 as well.  Literally, all of it.

CD Projekt Red was destined to make a Game of Thrones game, and there’s no better proof than The Witcher 2.  It has a mature story with a large cast of characters.  It deals with political maneuverings during the outbreak of war, and it’s the one of the few games I can think of that handles sex even remotely well.  It even dabbles in hopping between multiple characters to tell its story.

CD Projekt Red has all the tools and know-how to create the perfect Game of Thrones game, I pray the Seven listen.

Plus, The Witcher 2 has a character named “Stennis”.  Sounds pretty similar to Game of Thrones‘s “Stannis,” doesn’t it?  Coincidence?  Or fate?

– Cam

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